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2014 高考英语完形填空抓分练*精品题(13)及答案

完型填空 Terry was a middle-aged leather trader whose repeated failure in career made him a depressed man, often __26_ that he had been cheated by others. One day he told his wife he was so __27__ with the city that he had to leave. So his family moved to another city. It was the evening of a weekend. When Terry and his wife were busily _28_ up their new home, the light suddenly __29_. Terry was regretful to have forgotten to bring along 30__ and had to wait _31_ in a low mood. Just then he heard light, hesitant 32_ on his door that were clearly audib le (听 到) in the __33__ night. “Who’s it?” he wondered, since Terry was a _34__ to this city. And this was the moment he especially hated to be __35__, so he went to the door and opened it __36_. At the door was a little girl, shyly asking, “Sir, do you have candles? I’m your neighbor. ” “No,” answered Terry in anger and shut the door __37__. “What a nuisance(麻烦事)!” He complained over it with his wife. “No sooner had we settled down than the neighbor came to _38__ things.” After a while, the door was knocked again. He opened it and found the same girl outside. __39_ this time she was _40__ two candles, saying, “My grandma told me the new neighbor downstairs might need candles. She _41_ me here to give you these.” Terry was very _42__ by what he saw. At that moment he suddenly realized what caused his _43__ in life. It was his _44_ and harshness (刻薄) with other people. The person who had cheated him in life was _45__ nobody else but himself, for his eyes had been blurred ( 蒙 蔽 ) by his unsympathetic mind. 26. A. complaining 27. A. pleased 28. A. looking 29 A. went on 30. A. candles 31. A. happily B. telling B disappointed B. turning B. went down B. matches B . patiently C. hoping C. exhausted C. coming C. went out C. lights C. hopefully D. pretending D. encouraged D. tidying D. went through D. flashlights D. helplessly

32. A. steps 33. A. dark 34. A. newcomer 35. A. called 36. A. surprisingly 37. A. gently 38. A. lend 39. A. And 40. A. holding 41. A. suggested 42. A. frightened 43. A. failure 44. A. warmth 45. A. doubtfully

B. words B. quiet B. stranger B. disturbed B. delightedly B. kindly B. sell B. But B. hiding B. commanded B. pleased B. success B. coldness B. hardly

C. knocks C. noisy C. guest C. watched

D. screams D. crowded D. settler D. offered D. willingly D. violently D. borrow D. For D. lifting D. forced D. surprised D. determination D. nearly D. sympathy (同情)

C. impatiently C. politely C. harness C. So C. fetching C. sent C. puzzled C. complaint C. kindness C. actually

参考答案 26-45 ABDCA




复*扫荡狂练:完形填空—说明文 How Failure Can Lead to Long-Lasting Knowledge No one likes to make mistakes. But a new study says organizations learn more from their 1 than their successes, and keep that 2 longer.


One of the researchers was Vinit Desai, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Denver Business School, who says opportunity and not try to 4 them. 3 should treat failures as a learning

The study looked at companies and organizations that launch satellites and other 5 vehicles. Professor Desai compared 6 shuttle flights. In 2002, a piece of insulating material 7 the Atlantis. during launch and damaged a rocket on

8 , the flight was considered a success.

Then, in early 2003, a piece of insulation struck the Columbia during 9 . This time, the shuttle broke apart on re-entry and the seven crew members 10 . NASA officials suspended all flights and an investigation led to suggested changes. Professor Desai says the search 11 solutions after a failure 〗can make 12 more 13 from

open-minded. He points to airlines as an example of an industry that has failures in the past.

He advises organizations to 14 useful information in small failures and failures they 15 . He also urges leaders to encourage the open sharing of appeared in the Academy of Management Journal. The mistakes we learn from do not have to be our own. We recently * page to tell us a time they had done 18 really silly. Bruno Kanieski da Silva told about a time he looked 19 for his key. It was in his pocket. He wrote: I always promise I will never do it again, 20 after a few 17 people on our 16 . The study

weeks. . . where is my wallet? For sure it will be in a very logical place. 1. A. events B. experiences C. failures D. ideas 2. A. report B. knowledgeC. tradition D. history 3. A. organizationsB. clubs C. activities D. changes 4. A. clear B. bury C. remove D. ignore 5. A. economic B. social C. spaceD. technology 6. A. one B. two C. three D. four 7. A. broke off B. broke out C. broke into D. took off 8. A. Otherwise B. Meanwhile C. Thus D. But

9. A. walk B. travel C. launch D. jump 10. A. died B. hurt C. left D. flew 11. A. at B. for C. out D. over 12. A. workers B. researchersC. astronautsD. leaders 13. A. took B. got C. learned D. heard 14. A. look for B. go for C. look up D. go up 15. A. moved B. avoided C. informed D. reminded 16. A. equipment B. duty C. research D. information 17. A. asked B. wanted C. waited D. persuaded 18. A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing 19. A. nowhere B. where C. everywhereD. abroad 20. A. because B. or C. and D. but


完形填空 Twelve years ago yesterday, my mother gave birth to the most beautiful girl. 26 , we were later given the27 that this little girl, who was three and a half months

old, would only have 14 days on the earth. It’s hard to understand what kind of 28 you have when you find out that you’re 29 something that you don’t even

know. As time went on, the number of days kept growing, which gave us 30 doctors said that we could take her home, that was . When the

31 reality hit. We had no 32 .

I am from a small town with 33 hospitals, but when you don’t have money, you just don’t have it. My mother tried for days to get the money, but nothing 34 each

time. A caseworker(社会工作者) was even doing her best. It’s 35 that it almost felt as if we had to 36 a baby from the hospital. One day the caseworker walked into her boss’s office to 37 again. As she walked out, 38 down yet again, out of nowhere a man walked up to her. He 39 her a handful

of money and said, “Please give this to the lady in 40 , so she can take her daughter home.” She looked down at her hand with tears in her eyes. As she looked back up to thank him, he was to be 42 . Thanks to the guy that I will 43 know, we could take home that 44 baby girl that was only given 14 days to live, and celebrated her 12th birthday yesterday. I am grateful to this man and feel that his act of 45 should be shared with everyone. 26. A. Besides 27. A. idea 28. A. character 29. A. losing 30. A. hope 31. A.how 32. A. car 33. A. modern 34. A. came up 35. A. interesting 36. A. save 37. A. apologize 38. A. let 39. A. took 40. A. danger 41. A. gone 42. A. avoided 43. A. even 44. A. beautiful 45. A. courage B. Otherwise B. news B. friendship B. wasting B. freedom B. where B. knowledge B. small B. set up B. necessary B. buy B. research B. moved B. paid B. need B. shy B. found B. still B. naughty B. gentleness C. However C. order C. habit C. explaining C. trouble C.when C. shelter C. large C. made up C. impossible C. visit C. try C. knelt C. handed C. reward C. disppointed C. persuaded C. almost C. nervous C. kindness D. Therefore D. point D. feeling D. gaining D. information D. whether D. money D. good D. gave up D. sad D. protect D. interview D. fell D. lent D. advance D. proud D. stopped D. never D. dangerous D. politeness 41 . They searched all over that hospital and he was no where

参考答案 26~45 CBDAA





完型填空 When my oldest son was in high school, he planned to attend a Christian contemporary concert with the youth group from our church. To my go along. I 27 26 , Aaron invited me to

accepted; however, by the time the date of the concert arrived, 28 about him. My husband 29 me to attend

my youngest son had been ill, and I was

the concert, promising he would take care of our youngest. I hesitated. Finally, it 30 me. Aaron was sixteen years old. How many 32 31 would I have

to do something fun with him actually 33

he went away to college? And how many youth

their mothers to attend a concert with them that was clearly 34 was made. I would not miss this opportunity.

for teens? The

At the concert, I sat with Aaron in the third row, stuffing (填塞 ) cotton in my ears to block out the 35 , ear-splitting music of the first performer. I stood when 36 I

the kids stood, clapped when they clapped, and never let anyone know how was to feel were 37 the floor

vibrate (震动) beneath my feet. Aaron and his friends

at my enthus iasm.

By the time we left the concert, my ears were ringing, but it quickly passed. 38 did my son's teenage years. 39 he was in college and away from 40 for

home. I missed him more than I could say. On days when I was especially

his ready smile and his teasing manner, I would think back to the concert we attended and be thankful once again that I didn't my son. Aaron is now grown and has a family of his own, but we are still very days he calls just to 43 and tell me about his day. I drop everything and . D. disappointment D. rapidly D. concerned D. refused D. annoyed


an opportunity to spend time with

42 . Some 44 the

moment, knowing these times too shall 45 26. A. amazement 27. A. hardly 28. A. crazy 29. A. prevented 30. A. determined B. agreement B. suddenly B. merciful B. encouraged B. hit

C. argument C. readily C. patient C. stopped C. controlled

31. A. opportunities 32. A. after 33. A. invited 34. A. invitation 35. A. silly 36. A. excited 37. A. puzzled 38. A. Such 39. A. In no time 40. A. tired 41. A. have 42. A. close 43. A. talk 44. A. wait 45. A. pass

B. years B. since B. advised B. design B. pleasant B. nervous B. annoyed B. Neither B. In time B. worried B. miss B. open B. speak B. spend B. gain

C. festivals C. when C. allowed C. demand C. loud C. curious C. amused C. So C. At a time C. upset C. obtain C. young C. chat C. listen C. lose

D. moments D. before D. promised D. decision D. sweet D. surprised D. disappointed D. Either D. At the time D. lonely D. grasp D. positive D. communicate D. enjoy D. keep

参考答案 26 – 30 ACDBB 31– 35 ADADC 36 –40 BCCAD 41– 45 BACDA

复*扫荡狂练:完形填空—说明文 Goats are valuable not just for their milk and meat, or for their ability to control weeds and help renew grasslands. Goats can also be 1 for their hair.


Cashmere goats produce cashmere and Angora goats 2 mohair. Mohair is used in 3 , scarves, coats and other products 4 floor carpets and doll hair. The United States is a leading producer of mohair, along with South Africa and Turkey. America’s 5 producing state is Texas. An adult Angora can produce as 6 as seven kilograms of hair each year. As the 7 grow older, however, their 8 becomes thicker and less valuable. Hair 9 white or

solid-colored goats is the most popular, grown.

10 the appeal of mixed-color mohair has

Cashmere goats are generally 11 than Angoras. They can grow big enough to be kept with sheep and cattle. The 12 hair of the animal is called guard hair. Behind it is the valuable material

on a cashmere goat. Cashmere is valued for its softness and 13 without much weight. Some farmers comb their cashmere goats to 14 the hair. But if the animals do get a haircut, it often 15 at the time when they naturally lose their winter

coat—between December and March. Angora goats generally get their hair 16 two times a year, in the spring and fall. The job can be done 17 simple cutting tools or by hiring a professional shearer. Angoras may need special protection from the 18 The value of an animal’s coat 19 for about a month after shearing.

the age, size and condition. But whatever kind

of goat you choose, be sure you have a good 20

. Goats love to explore.

1. A. cheap B. worthless C. priceless D. valuable 2. A. put B. make C. produce D. present 3. A. garden B. jars C. fans D. sweaters 4. A. representing B. including C. indicating D. claiming 5. A. topB. above C. advanced D. major 6. A. little B. many C. much D. few 7. A. goats B. sheep C. cattle D. rabbits 8. A. feather B. hair C. fur D. skin 9. A. in B. on C. of D. from 10. A. since B. or C. but D. so 11. A. larger B. fatter C. heavier D. wider 12. A. upper B. surface C. inner D. outer 13. A. thinner B. warmth C. lighter D. hotter 14. A. clean B. tidy C. remove D. smooth 15. A. leads to B. breaks out C. happens to D. takes place 16. A. cut B. peeled C. pulled D. used 17. A. with B. at C. over D. for 18. A. wind B. cold C. sunshine D. skin 19. A. puts on B. takes on C. turns on D. depends on 20. A. decision B. choice C. fence D. idea



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